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General Information

Check back in August for updates for the 115th running.

10 AM Starting Time

Official Water Stations/Port-o-Pots are located at the 3.6 mark at the top of the Hill and  

7.2 mark at the bottom of Golf Course Hill.

Unofficial water stations are located throughout the race course.

Runners family/friends can listen to the race on WHLM channels

FM 94.7, 96.3, 104.3, 105.5 and AM 930, 1280

Congratulations to WHLM!

The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters has announced that WHLM Radio has won the 2023 award in the category of outstanding coverage of a local sporting event for its coverage of the Run for the Diamonds.  The station has provided live coverage of the race for over 25 years.  The broadcast team consists of Jim Doyle, Fred Takacs, Ben Willis and Jake Kline.


 The Berwick YMCA, Third St, (one block from the Elks) will be open 8:15AM-9:45AM for runners.

                        Please do not leave any belongings in the YMCA, it will be closed after the race!


Course and Age Group Records


MALE                                                   FEMALE

 Overall   Peter Pfitzinger  43:20   1980                                         Paige Stoner 49:05   2021   


19 & under   Jim Howell    45:48  1969 &                                         Lacey Danilovitz 54:33  2022                                                                 Bill Reifsnyder 45:48   1979                                                                                     

20-29   Peter  Pfitzinger    43:20   1980                                           Paige Stoner  49:05   2021                                    

30-39   Greg Fredericks    43:41   1980                                           Marina Martino 52:50  2022                                     

40-49   Ken Inglis              45:46   1982                                             Deborah Grossman  53:38  1996                                  50-50  Johnny Kelley       50:21   1958                                            Lori Kingsley  59:18   2017                                   

60-69   Hubert Morgan    55:06   1984                                         Dianna Golden   66:40   2013                                        70-79    Ed Whitlock         57:25   2003                                            Dianna Golden   73:22  2023                                     80&over  Ed Whitlock      71:46  2013                                             Joanne Hause   117:36   2012                                       

RACE DATE - November 28, 2024

For more details call 570-759-1300.

Starting time - 10AM

The Finish Line will close at 1PM.

Runners finishing after 1PM may not be timed or scored.

Official Time is Gun Time.

Refunds only if the race in cancelled.


The right to reject any entry or issue special invitations is reserved by the Marathon Association.

Race numbers may not correspond to the number of entrants.

Numbers 1 through 30 for men and F-1 through F-30 for women will be reserved for seeded runners.

Runners with these numbers will be the only runners allowed on the front row.

Only numbers 1-50 and F1-F50 are allowed in the Starting Line Corral.

Slower and inexperienced runners, please line up towards the back of the starting line.

Please line up according to your ability.

Backpacks will NOT be allowed inside the Elks Building Third St, Berwick

For safety reasons ,headphones, animals, strollers, in-line skates, skateboards, and other wheeled vehicles

are NOT permitted.

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