David Haines, Madison Township, PA showed he could not only run for diamonds, but he could also run for cookies!  Haines had finished a solid third with a time of 45:47 at the Diamonds race in Berwick on Thanksgiving Day. Haines cruised to an easy victory at the Cookies run.  Haines ran a very good 31:45; winning by over four minutes.  Fifteen year old Daniel Donilovitz, Moosic, PA , finished second with an impressive time of 35:57.  Nice tune-up for track! 

Sixteen year old, Lacey Donilovitz, Moosic, Pa, was the female winner.  Nice 1-2 placings for the Donilovitz family!  She bested a strong female field which had seven runners finish under 45 minutes.  Lacy also had a very good Diamond run; finishing in 14th place.     There were 193 finishers out of the 215 entrants.


Thanks to all entrants for supporting the race! 

 Also, thanks to all who donated soup to the Community Cupboard!     

And, finally, thanks to all volunteers!     

Without you, this race would not be possible! 


Race Date and Time next year: Saturday, February 25, 2023, 10:30AM.

Race Headquarters: Berwick Elks Lodge, Third St.